Young 1ove scales proven high-impact programs that improve the lives of youth in Southern Africa. Our programs in health and education are best delivered for the youth by the youth and are backed by rigorous evidence. See our programs below.


  • Teaching at the Right Level is a proven, innovative and low-cost approach to ensuring quality education reaches every child. 

  • Learning outcomes in Botswana lag behind similar income countries in basic literacy and numeracy. The government has identified the need for remedial education programs to ensure students are meeting curriculum requirements. 

  • The program was developed by Pratham Education Foundation and has improved learning outcomes for more than 47.7 million students in India

  • Young 1ove is contextualizing and localizing the program to improve learning outcomes for students across Botswana and will begin scale up in 2018. 


  • HIV is the leading cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated 685 daily infections, 67% of them are girls. 

  • There is a 28% increase in likelihood of unprotected sex-- a proxy for pregnancy and HIV-- for each year in age difference between partners. 

  • The program is a 90-minute class that encourages students to safely date among peers/age-mates to reduce the risk of unprotected sex.

  • The program is currently in the research and development phase as we take the results from our Randomized Control Trial to create a relevant and contextually-specific program based on rigorous, local evidence.